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  • Commercial & residential firewood supplier
  • Wholesale firewood logs
  • Purchase of private property logging rights
  • Buying select properties for sustainable logging
Johnston Forest Products is a diversified forest management company committed to sustainable log harvesting and responsible forest management practices. Based approximately two hours north of Toronto Ontario in the Haliburton Highlands and Kawartha region of central Ontario, Johnston Forest Products provides a variety of forestry and logging services including licensed Ontario logging on Crown Lands, private land logging contracts with landowners and hardwoods for the furniture and firewood industry.

Ontario's forests are diverse, varying greatly by region and covering two-thirds of the province. They include the deciduous forests of Southern Ontario, the mixed forest of Central Ontario and the conifer-dominated boreal forests of the North. Logging in Ontario is a $2 billion industry, responsible for shipping over $18 billion worth of forest products annually.

Through effective government regulation, Ontario's forest products companies are world leaders in sustainable forest management, meeting international standards for sustainability and environmental protection. Ontario Forest industry companies gain access to timber supplies through Forest Resource Licences. These licences are referred to as Sustainable Forest Licences (SFL) and are valid for 20 years. Licensed forest management companies are required to collect information, prepare forest management plans, implement and monitor forest operations, protect the environment, construct access roads, and pay a price for the forest resources they harvest. Operating as a member of the Bancroft Minden Forest Management Company SFL, Johnston Forest Products is fully licensed to log Crown Lands in Ontario.

For quality custom logging, woodlot management, hardwood lumber and firewood, give Johnston Forest Products a call.

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